“The quality of Scruff Master’s products are competitively top shelf premium grade, as far as scent, texture and moisturization¬† goes.The hard work and dedication to the highest quality ingredients are what make Scruff Master Beard products my go-to everyday!”

Xavier KOKO Scott

Jeremiah is not only an amazing human being and good friend, but he also makes some amazing beard care products with his Scruff Master line. My personal favorites are the conditioning wash and conditioning balm. The wash is minty and invigorating, while the balm goes in smooth and smells fantastic. Both will leave your beard so soft, you can’t wait until you put more in. And that is the Key with Scruff Master: It leaves your beard feeling so good, it’s just not the same without it. Jeremiah puts so much effort into Scruff Master, using only the best ingredients, and you can really feel it. Take my word for it- If you have a beard, you need to use Scruff Master”

David Ruebush

I have been using Scruff Master Beard Products for about 5 months now. I really enjoy using the beard oils and balms. I have noticed my beard is much more healthy since using Beardo Life’s Scruff Master Beard Care Line. I really enjoy using the beard oils and balms, and have noticed my beard is much more healthy than before. I have less split ends and my beard feels hydrated and healthy. The scents are to die for, I recommend Mountain Man and Tidal Wave. I like a nice firm balm and this stuff is great. if you have a big beard, these balms help with fly-aways. The scent doesn’t dry out your beard like others I have tried. My beard stays soft and hydrated all day without feeling oily. I am picky about what I put in my beard so these organic, hand crafted products are perfect for me and I wholeheartedly recommend any Scruff Master products.

Eddie Gould