Scruff Master BEARD BALM



  • 1   –  1oz (30ml) Scruff Master Beard BALM


  • Superior Hold
  • Control Fly aways
  • Protect your beard and skin from the harsh elements
  • Styling Palmade



Scruff Master BALM is a formula unlike most out there. With its superior HOLD abilities, while retaining moisture throughout the day AND protecting your beard from the elements better than any other… Scruff Master’s Beard Balm is sure to meet your needs. This product differs from our Butter mainly because this one has a high wax content and the Butter has no was in it at all.  Use them in conjunction with using the butter first then the balm. For a professional look, don’t forget to grab a tin of this to keep nearby.


  • Coffee and Chocolate never smelled so good on a beard until now. The perfect creamy mixture of coffee and chocolate meets and is ready to freshen up your game while leaving a great, subtle hints of this scent to reemerge throughout the day. Now you can smell like you just had a messy cup of chocolate flavored coffee without the sticky part.


  • Light & smooth scent is comprised of pipe tobacco, sweet creamy vanilla with a fresh spicy note to finish. This light scent blend is intriguing and mesmerizing and of course… 100% manly!

Minty Woods

  • Imagine walking through a patch of spearmint in the deep woods after a crisp, cool rain. If you like the minty and manly, this one is for you.

Jack Frost

  • Spearmint, Pine, Spruce and Rosemary make this the ultimate, refreshing, minty smell that will put you in the mood for Christmas for sure.

Barber Shop

  • That sweet smell of the barbershop we have all grown to know and love… now available in our balm, butter and oils. This is a light & clean scent that stays with you in soft drifts of scent throughout the day.


  • This is a cologne style scent that closely resembles Abrocombie & Fitch cologne. Super light, smooth and uber alluring… in a manly kind of way

Dapper King

  • This cologne style scent is our closest resemblence to Abrocombie & Fitch Fierce cologne. Light consistent scent with a strong dose of DAPPER!


  • This cologne style scent begins with a vibrant honeysuckle, bergamot & hawthorn, followed by mid notes of sandalwood, nutmeg, violet & cedar and then ending with a refreshing patchouli and tonka bean. This intoxicating formulation is made with no alcahol is sure to be different than anything you’ve tried yet. Need to make a statement and turn heads? Get your ‘SWAGGER’ on!
    Closely resembles the cologne “Christian Dior – Farenheit”


  • This light but alluring cologne style scent starts with light notes of grapefruit and mandarin orange and followed by mid notes of Bay Leaf & Jasmine and finally finished off with the base notes of buaiac wood, oakmoss, patchouli and ambergris. The oils used to make this scent have been known for years to act as natural pheromones to attract women. Want to be smooth and get all the ladies like the true Kokopelli did? Grab a some of this and you are sure to win the ladies over to your majestic scruff.
    Closely resembles “Paco Rabanne – Invictus”


  • Debatably our top favorite of the females is this wonderful concoction of oils. No wonder this forceful and passionate scent is driving them all wild. Top notes of bergamot, neroli, citron of diamante & bitter orange leaves, followed by mid notes of clary sage, blue hyacinth, cedarwood, and finally base notes of old wood, mineral amber, tonka bean & musk.  A lot of ingredients that come together for a very light but powerful scent. Turn heads and leave them in your drift wishing you were back with Come-Hither!
    Closely resembles “Pour Homme- Versace”

Dark Prince

  • This fresh but light cologne style scent will remind you of those little black christmas tree air fresheners you see at the store. Fresh, clean but deep and intoxicating at the same time. This scent is created with topnotes of bergamot, wild lavender and subtle florals are followed by sandalwood and a soothing musk. Trust me, you will smell better than your car ever will.

VooDoo Bones

  • If you want a scent that is different and mesmerizing yet not too strong, you gotta get the Voodoo in your beard! This scent smells of a deep woodsy musk with a nice twang to keep you coming back for more. Using a genius blend of ambers and woods, we coupled patchouli, rose, jasmine along with other floral oils to create this distinctively unique & addicting scent.

VALOR (Cologne Style Scent)

  • Want to smell fresh without smelling like a bag of essential oils? Valor brings a manly fresh & clean, cologne style scent that is specifically formulated to encourage confidence and an uplifting mood. Feel happy and walk tall with this crowd favorite, and maybe even get a few numbers.


  • Just open the bottle and hang ten with our signature powerhouse blend of essential oils that is known as ‘Tidal Wave’. With high notes of Citrus Orange, a splash of Lime, a little Bergamont… and light undertones of Patchouli and Coconut… this scent blend will leave you feeling fresh, confident AND courageous. When you need to escape the 9-5 freshen up any day with this amazing combo.



Only 100% Pure Natural, Organic, Cold Pressed & Unrefined ingredients make up our base used in all of our Beard Oils, Balms, Butters, Serums & Waxes. It is important to us to use only Cold Pressed & Unrefined ingredients because this helps to ensure that our ingredients carry the maximum amount of benefits for your beard and skin. Traditional methods use high heat, and even chemicals to extract the oils from the plant. This means that the final product has been ripped of a majority of their vitamins and medicinal properties, and usually leaves a trace of the chemicals behind… you don’t want that in your beard! We never use the cheap alternative, we always strive to keep our prices affordable while offering the best quality product money can buy. Go ahead and add some to your cart now and you wont be disappointed. 

  • Shea Butter
  • Mango Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Lanolin
  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Vitamin E Oil


  • 2% Essential Oils or Fragrance oils for Scent


NOTE: We do not claim that our product is certified organic, but are only informing you of what ingredients we use and why we feel that is important and helps set us apart from the rest. 


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Tobacco Road, Valor, Dapper King, Rock Hard, Swagger, Kokopelli, Come-Hither, Dark Prince, Voodoo Bones, Barber Shop, Tidal Wave, Cafe Mocha, Jack Frost, Minty Woods